House Painting

House Painting

House painting is pleasurable because you can re-paint your home in colors that soothe you the most and add your own personal touches but there are massive benefits to hiring a house painting company as opposed to doing it on your own. We use the best paint to ensure your long term maintenance costs are minimal. Our professional house painting services are ideal for people who want a hassle-free paint job and they want to free up their time, not only during the painting process but over the long term as well. We have highly trained operatives that specialize in house painting in Auckland. They can paint your home in any color combination, carry out the fastest painting operations and minimize the maintenance work you'll have to do in the long term.

Cost of painting a house

If you opt for sub-par paint or you don't paint your home in a manner that is suitable to your exact structural type, you might find the paint deteriorates faster than usual and you'll have to repaint your home every few years rather than every decade. We can paint your home in a way that it can withstand heavy external pressure and you won't have to repaint it for the next 10 years. Our services are geared towards longevity. We deploy our painting team on location and give you an immediate assessment. The cost of painting a house turn out to be lower when you use professionals and they’re ideal for large renovations when you need paint as part of a larger renovation scheme. Our painters are artists that are familiar with different home types, materials and structures. They know the exact paint they should use on your particular home and they can calibrate on the spot to ensure you receive the most durable paint job.

House painting services in Auckland

Our services are not only ideal for homes that are in great shape but we can also restore life to homes that were left unattended/neglected and that you're trying to restore. For instance, we can repair the base concrete and fill up different cracks/gaps that came about as a lack of maintenance. We can fix all the damage and set the foundation for a modern paint. This way we're going to save you money by doing the masonry for you and the total house painting cost is minimal. Our teams deploy fast and they service the Auckland metro area. They pay great attention to detail which makes them ideal for realtors/house flippers who need a high quality job done on time.

Here’s what our clients are saying

  • "In this day and age it's hard to find a company that lives up to what they say they will do. SuperCity Property Services certainly live up to their promises! "
    Ryan Ross, Northcote
  • "I can highly recommend Supercity Property Services to anyone wanting a reliable, honest and thoroughly professional team to work inside or outside their home. They go the extra mile to provide brilliant service with the least amount of disruption "
    Phillip Harper, Browns Bay