Water Blasting

Water Blasting

Water blasting is an efficient cleaning method that can remove the most resilient dirt and produce permanent results. Water blasting companies can keep your property in peak sanitary condition and allow you to make a great first impression on visitors/passersby’s as well as help you sell your property. Cleanliness is important for the well being of your family especially if your children are sensitive to dust/germs because you can now remove the dirt using a dedicated, thorough cleansing method. Our team provides safe water blasting using a combination of water and chemicals that only affect the dirt/moulding and are safe for humans. Our water blasting services Auckland are ideal for families in the Auckland metro and we can arrange water blasting every year or every few months by deploying our team. We can accommodate all budgets and we're ideal for small homes and large properties alike.

Water blasting in Auckland

We remove every type of moulding, dirt and dust residue that accumulated on your property. If your home is deteriorating as a result of molding, power washing is the best way to restore it to its peak sanitary condition. We can create a stunning visual effect that enhances your property value and creates an elegant impression for visuals (if you’re a realtor). You can only water blast once a year and it's still going to create an effect that is more long lasting than a dozen regular cleanings without power tools.

We use commercial-grade cleaning tools that are superior to average household cleaning tools and aren’t available to the average person. Power washing/water blasting can help distinguish your home as one that receives frequent maintenance. It also keeps your family safe because it removes invisible bacteria/moulding which accumulates over an extended period. The minute your home starts showing signs of deterioration (dirt, mould, rust) is when you should reach out to us and let us give you an estimate.

Blasting services

We have the most effective water blasting in Auckland. The cleaning is going to have positive effect on your paint because frequent maintenance and water blasting helps remove the dirt/grime that affects the paint and causes it to deteriorate. You're not only going to have a cleaner home for a few months, but you also won't have to re-paint your home for extended periods because our cleaning enhances its longevity.

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  • "In this day and age it's hard to find a company that lives up to what they say they will do. SuperCity Property Services certainly live up to their promises! "
    Ryan Ross, Northcote
  • "I can highly recommend Supercity Property Services to anyone wanting a reliable, honest and thoroughly professional team to work inside or outside their home. They go the extra mile to provide brilliant service with the least amount of disruption "
    Phillip Harper, Browns Bay